Use our specifications to create your own advertising artwork or contact us and we’ll help you create the best way to reach your customers.

Outdoor Signs
Artwork Specifications

•  Build to live size on 1" = 1' scale in Adobe Illustrator or ¼”=1’ scale in Adobe Photoshop. (example: 10' x 32' billboard would be 10" x 32" in Illustrator)

•  Do not add bleed around layout. Build to live scale stated above.

•  300 dpi minimum on resolution.

•  Outline all fonts.

•  Acceptable file types:

  • Illustrator (.AI), Photoshop (.PSD), .EPS or .PDF
  • JPEG and Word documents are NOT acceptable files due to low resolution

•  Please flatten layout before sending and do not separate layers.

Outdoor Signs
Rendering Artwork

Outdoor Signs will provide layout rendering services for $200 under the specifications listed below:

•  ALL graphics and logos must be supplied to Outdoor Signs in a high resolution layout at 300 dpi minimum. Low resolution files will not be accepted.

•  Outdoor Signs will be happy to supply graphics and render logos at the customer's written request. Additional charges will apply and will be estimated on a case by case basis. Every job is different and has different time allowances.

•  Layout changes: Outdoor Signs will provide one (1) layout with and additional two (2) changes to one of the originally selected layouts. Any additional requested changes will be $50 per change (text, graphics, color, etc.)

Designing Your Own Layout



•  Bold and Contrasting colors are the way to go

•  Black/White, Black/Yellow, Navy/Yellow are a few examples of great contrasting colors.

•  Pastels tend to be hard to read and avoid in most situations

•  Try to avoid Yellow/White, Orange/Yellow, Orange Red, etc.


•  Logos are important for branding. What is more important is being able to read what the logo says. Having a logo that reads well and conveys the name of your company will save you space and allow for more content.

•  If you want to use a picture, make sure it is not "busy" or intricate. Instead of taking an aerial picture of a golf course, for example, take a close up picture of a golf ball by the hole. This allows for the motorists, your potential customers, to easily understand what you are advertising. In this case a golf course. Easily recognizable and doesn't make the motorist "work" to figure out the picture.


•  Short and sweet is the way to go. Loading up the layout with words causes clutter and is extremely hard to read. Again, don't make the motorist "work". Seven to Eight words or less is best.

•  Simplify your message and don't be repetitive. Choose your words very carefully so your message is easy to understand.


•  Print out your layout and put it about 15 feet away. Glance at the print out for a few seconds. What do you remember? What jumps out at you? Most importantly, what did you miss? Was what you missed really that important?